36K+ Keywords in Minutes – Keyword Research on Steroids

The CODE for the batch file
copy *.csv importfile.csv

Link to the “Number of Words” code

For More Tips:

Are you ready to start making money on autopilot? Then check out this detailed tutorial on how to build a massive keyword list in just minutes! You can discover longtail keywords for easy rankings, and find out just how profitable each keyword can be! This method is completely free, and works even better than paid tools!

It’s super easy to get started! All you have to do to begin is sign up for a Google Adwords account. Then, search for “google keyword planner” to find your free research tool. Use the keyword planner to search for a keyword in your chosen niche. Pay close attention to the suggested bid column, because a higher number means that the niche is profitable, and you’ve chosen well. Copy and paste 15-20 base keywords into a text program such as notepad. Enter your keywords, one at a time, into the keyword search bar and create an excel spreadsheet for each set of results. Watch the video for the code to compile all those spreadsheets into one massive database of keywords!

Next, you’ll find out how to sort out and search for the absolute best keywords from this enormous list! There are so many amazing keywords to choose from; your list is an enormous value! Learn how to sort and filter your lists by searches per month and cost per click, and even easily-ranked longtail keywords! You’ll also get free code to insert a word number column into your excel sheet, to make searching through your keywords even easier! See for yourself just how incredibly powerful this strategy is, and start making money!

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