Broken Link Building: The 404 Method

Broken Link Building: The 404 Method

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If you are struggling to build links then broken link building might be for you.

You see, broken links are a link builders dream and I am going to show you how to take advantage of them with the 404 method today.

This strategy is really easy for anyone to execute and it boils down to just 3 simple steps. First, you need to find content that has been deleted, otherwise known as 404’s.

Second create a similar but better piece of content and third ask anyone linking to the old 404’d content to link to your new content.

Now that might sound complicated but we can actually do this in just a few clicks by using Ahrefs and if you are on a budget I highly suggest you take advantage of their trial to execute this strategy quickly.

Now what we want to find is a piece of content that has been deleted but was also relevant to your niche and has a ton of links pointing to it.

To do this just enter any well known competitors domain into site explorer and then go to pages then best by links. This report shows you the most linked to pages on that domain but it also gives us the option to filter by 404 errors.

As you can see it’s easy to find website with deleted content that have good link profiles and we can repeat this with as many target domains as we want. Now all we need to do is take the URL and plug it into to see how it used to look and see if you already have a similar piece of content on your website or if you can easily create an improved version of the content to publish on your site.

Once you have created that, then you just need to reach out to all of the people that are linking to the old broken link to let them know the link is broken and to suggest your link as a replacement.

If you want to do this quickly and are on a budget you can use the Ninjaoutreach trial to send hundereds of emails in a few clicks which also includes a broken link building email template.

The broken link building method is great because not only is it super easy for anyone to do, but it also creates relationships with other website owners at the same time.

If you want to learn more easy to execute strategies like this one that check out my full blog @

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