How To Rank YouTube Videos – Top 10 YouTube SEO Tips

How To Rank YouTube Videos - Top 10 YouTube SEO Tips

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How to Rank Youtube Videos.

In this video we go over SEO video marketing tips to make sure your videos rank on the first page or close to the first position.

1. When it comes to Youtube video marketing and SEO the first thing you should do is browse other similar channels to see what types of videos already get a ton of views. Then come up with your first couple of video ideas from there.

2. Next you should make sure to have at least 5 minute videos. This is a Youtube trick if you want to rank your videos high. Youtube will promote videos that have more watch time.

3. Video SEO – Find keywords on and Google Adwords that have tons of views (i.e. at least over 1000). I prefer to find keywords that have tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of views.

4. Youtube video description. Make sure you fill out a full video description like I am doing in this video along with keywords related to your video.

5. Create playlists and multiple videos around the same subject. These marketing videos will cross promote your content and get you more views and higher rankings.

6. Custom thumbnails – Go on upwork or to get custom thumbnails based on other popular videos. Screenshot a few thumbnails and send it to a designer for to get a professional looking thumbnail.

7. Channel Page. With this Youtube trick you need to optimize your channel page similar to a thumbnail. You should outsource this on fiverr or upwork and base it on popular channels.

8. Transcript. Make sure you have a professionally done youtube transcript where someone will fully transcribe your video. This helps with SEO and ranking because it won’t be a computer generated transcription.

9. Subscribe. The more subscribers you get the more views and higher rankings you will have. Ask people to subscribe at the end of your youtube videos.

10. Use to fully optimize your video. They take your search engine optimization for videos to another level.

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