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Jacksonville Internet Marketing Tips

In this video Jacksonville Internet Marketing will show you how to get more customers online by getting ranked on Google, engaging with your customers, following up and creating a review program that builds trust.

The first thing that you must do to get traffic to your website is to get ranked in Google and the other major search engines. You do this by creating fresh new content on a regular basis and syndicating it. Syndication just means to spread it all over the Internet in hundreds of places. This will drastically increase your chances of being found online.

The best type of content that you can use is video. Why? Because people love watching video! These videos should be short and also answer questions that your potential customers may have. By using video, you can provide excellent content to the visitors that come to your website or blog. Additionally, Google and the other search engines also love video because it provides their users with a good experience.

Once the customers come to your site you want to capture their information like name, email and phone number. You can offer something for free like a coupon, free report or video that will save them money or help them solve a problem.

Other internet marketing tips in Jacksonville would be to engage with your customers using social media and outlets like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Did you know that You Tube is the second largest search engine after Google? And video is a great way to get your message out there.

After that, you will want to follow up with your customers. Jacksonville Internet Marketing helps local businesses to implement these automatic follow up campaigns using email, text message, and even voice messaging.

And the last thing you will need to do is to create a review program, getting your customers to rate your services. This is very important because social media and online reviews are the new word of mouth advertising.
Jacksonville Internet Marketing can help you to get found online, engage with your customers and follow up and create a review program.


Jacksonville Internet Marketing Tips

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