Keyword Research For SEO – How To Find Low Competition High Volume Keyword Phrases

How To Keyword Research In 2019! This step-by-step SEO tutorial shows you how to find the best low competition keywords, fast!

In order to follow along and learn how to research keywords that have low competition, you need to get the right keyword research tool:

This is a paid keyword research tool and I am an affiliate… But with that said it is the only keyword tool I have been using for over two years.

I do believe a professional level keyword tool is vital to your long-term success with SEO, but if you can’t afford one now and need a free keyword research tool, this video shows how to do keyword research for free:

Keyword research is the most important part of search engine optimization. When you target the right keywords, even if you have a brand-new site you will rank on the first page of Google fast and start to drive traffic.

In this search engine optimization tutorial we use three hypothetical niche businesses for our research. I focus on an e-commerce business, a virtual coaching or consulting business, and a digital product or affiliate marketing business.

You see, keyword research for e-commerce it is vital to your success because you have the potential to rank your category pages, your product pages, and your blog posts…

This video will explain exactly how to find the different phrases and to analyze the intent behind the different phrases to figure out whether they add value to your e-commerce store.

To be clear, the “right keyword phrases” are long tail keywords that have though, Titian and extremely low difficulty scores.

When you do keyword research wrong and target the high difficulty keyword phrases, the content has little chance to rank #1 in Google and you don’t receive the moral victory of seeing your websites traffic grow fast.

The keyword generator I show allows you to sort by the “keyword difficulty” score which is a data point the Google keyword tool does not share.

You start by entering your seed keyword that is highly relevant to your business model and more important has the search intent that your perfect customers would be searching.

I must reiterate the importance of keyword search intent. finding an extremely low competition keyword phrase that has high search volume is an exciting moment, but if the search intent is wrong, that user searching will never subscribe, opt in, or buy!

Taking time to empathize with the individual who is searching and getting in their mind to understand why they are searching for the phrase is a crucial step in the SEO keyword research process for 2019.

If you aren’t familiar with search intent or you want to make sure you understand this concept fully, watch this full training on keyword intent:

At first the whole process feels little weird… But once you understand the method and follow the exact steps taught in this SEO tutorial, and you go to the process several times… It becomes second nature!

If you want a deep dive into keyword research that starts by brainstorming keyword ideas for a local business, watch this video next:

all in all, I implore you to take the time to find the best keyword search term for your business every time you go to publish for your content marketing strategy.

Your content will rank better, you will get first page Google rankings faster and most importantly you will drive traffic quicker when you take the time to analyze keywords before publishing content!

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