Link Building Case Study – Building Links to a Travel Site (2018)

The step-by-step guide:

If you are looking for a link building case study and/or are interested in building links for travel sites in 2018, then you might find this case study very useful.

Travel niche is notorious for link buying, but link buying is against Google’s TOCs and is considered a black/grey hat SEO.

This is when the Ultimate Guide approach I used can be useful to you.

In this video, I quickly go over my client and how I helped them to build this guide, also building a bunch of links to their website.

First, you would start with the article creation. It must be in-depth and very thorough. I use a bunch of SEO tools to help me craft one (check out the video for details).

Second, once the article is published, the appearance is very important. Take your time and make the guide visually attractive.

Third, once you are all set and published, get ready for the outreach. This is when competitor link building and resources pages link building can do wonders. Use it!

A great advantage of this strategy is that you can rank for a myriad of different keywords that are semantically related. You can also become an authority really quick.

I hope that this travel site case study would help you gain more momentum with your travel business.

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