Local Link Building Tutorial: How To Build Links That Google Loves

Local Link Building Tutorial: How To Build Links That Google Loves

This is how to build links for a local business that will help you get to the first page of Google. Link building is one of the most important ranking factors.

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Why Are Links Important?
1) Top 3 Ranking Factor
2) Drive targeted traffic to your website

How To Build Links For a Local Business:
1) Location Specific Guest Posts
The first type of links that we like to get for our clients are location specific guest posts.

2)Industry Specific Guest Posts
These are websites that blog specifically about your industry.

3) Niche Specific Guest Posts
The goal here is you want to reach out to other companies that provide the exact same service as you but in a completely different geographic area.

4) Niche Specific Directories
There are tons of directories out there for people to submit their websites. You basically want to try and find all the directories out there that are relevant to your company.

5) City Specific Directories
This is the exact same idea as niche specific directories, except in this case it is specific to a city.

6) Local Sponsorship Links
This type of link involves sponsoring a local organization.

7) Testimonial Links
Reach out to your existing vendors and basically just ask them, “Hey, would you be interested in acquiring a testimonial from us and putting it on your company website?”

8) Resource Page Links
Another type of link that you can easily build up are resource page links.

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