Online Video Marketing – Infographics Guide

Online Video Marketing - Infographics Guide

On the Internet today, video reigns supreme.No other form of web content offers the same level of audience engagement and emotional connection.Learn more about harnessing the near-universal appeal of video to connect With your customers and enhance your brand.

In fact, by 2016, online video will be the largest generator of consumer Internet traffic worldwide.

Everyday, 75 million U.S. Internet users watch videos online.
83% of U.S. Internet users watch Online video atleast once per month.
Top consumer:18-24 years olds
Avg.Number of videos: 213/month
Avg.viewing time:19.2 hours/month
Most Popular Video Ever Gangnam Style”by PSY Over 1.7 billion Youtube Views
By 2016,online video will drive 55% of all consumer
Internet traffic worldwide.
Global online video users in 2016(projected)1.5 billion.

Top Online video platform:
Youtube (188 billion streams/year) over 1 billion unique visitors/month

2nd hulu(8.9 billion streams/year)
3rd Vevo(7.6 billion streams/year)

Video Marketing:The Perfect Pairing
Why invest in video content?

improve consumer engagement

Embedded video content can increase website traffic by up to 55%
Videos posted on Facebook increase viewer engagement with brand pages by 33%

Increase awareness of your brand
Online Audiences choose to watch 13.2 million video advertisements per day.
92% of mobile video viewers will share videos with others.

Reap the SEO benefits
Website posts with embedded video draw 3X more inbound links
Video is the #1 priority for marketers 76% plan to add video to their online
brand presence.

Make the Best of online video

Include a creative “hook” in the first 10 seconds. 20% of viewers will stop
watching a video within the first 10 seconds

Get your video endorsed .A high profile celebrity re-tweet could launch
your video to viral status.

Appeal to universal emotions
The most effective videos are hilarious,deeply moving,or totally unexpected.

Stay in touch via social media
viewers as most likely to discover and share videos through social networks

Produce quality content on a regular schedule
37% of brand channels have not been updated for over 120 days.
50% Successful brands tend to have 50% more videos than their competitors.
Include a link to your website to direct viewer traffic once the video ends.

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