SEO Tutorial For Beginners: Learn How Search Engine Optimization Works in 2018

If you’re looking for an SEO tutorial for beginners to drive more traffic to your website as quickly as possible, then this is the video for you. Get this exact walkthrough and ALL the resources mentioned for free. Click here:

Today, I answer the super high-level question “What is search engine optimization?” as well as cover some of the SEO basics for 2018, and highlight the most important best practices and SEO tips to help you get started.

If you’re brand new to SEO, or if you’ve done a little bit of it before in the past but you are missing a few pieces here and there, then you’ll love this video.

Search engine optimization is, very simply, the act of acquiring traffic from search engines to any of the digital assets that you own. Most people learn SEO in order to understand how to rank in Google and other search engines.

Most commonly the asset is your website, but I’m going to talk about a couple of other digital assets that you can drive traffic to as well.

If I only had 30 seconds to tell you how SEO works, I would tell you it’s these three things:

– Document relevancy: all the stuff we do on our pages to make them more relevant for users and search engines.

– Increasing authority: all the things we do outside of our page in order to let search engines know we’re trustworthy and useful to users.
Things like links, views, sales, favorites. We’ll talk a little bit more about those—they’re kind of dependent on the platform.

– Technical optimization: all the behind-the-scenes engineering that SEO pros do to make it easier for search engines to find a website.

What SEO is NOT:

There are a lot of misconceptions out there so I always like to also touch a bit on what SEO is NOT.

SEO is not paying for traffic.
SEO is not a scam.
SEO is not that fast.
SEO is not just for Google anymore.

And, most importantly, SEO is not that hard!

Want to learn more? Then watch today’s video!

Want more? Get this exact walkthrough and ALL the resources mentioned in the video for free. Click here:

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