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Udemytube udemy courses The Ultimate SEO Link Building Mega Course Part 1 SEO Basics

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Welcome to The Ultimate Course on SEO

This is a 16-in-1 multi-course. The list of courses included in this single purchase includes:

Keyword Research: Beginner to Expert

Link Building 101

The Link Types You Can Build

Research with LongTail Pro

Screaming Frog SEO Guide

Build .EDU & .GOV Links to Page 1 of Google

Google Maps

Image SEO

How to Optimize an Article to Page 1 of Google

On-Page Website Optimization Guide

Video SEO (2-in-1 mega course)

Link Building Software Suggestions

Expired Domains & 301 Redirect Secrets

The Guide to Master Manual Link Building

Email Marketing Mastery

The Perfect Autoresponder Sequence Template to Copy

If that’s not enough to wet your palette, then just get a load of the things we’ll be talking about inside.

We’ll be learning about the 20+ link types you can build. Why is this so important? Well when you think about each link as it’s own “animal”, you can begin to see what types of links you want to keep in your “zoo” for Google to visit and grade (and by “zoo” I mean your website). When you build a variety of links (and especially high authority/quality links), you’ll rank extremely high in the search engines. The reason. Google is always on the look out for websites that are “in high regard” from other websites. Showing the RIGHT links, in the RIGHT niches virtually FORCES Google to rank you.

If you’re looking to get your website, blog or company to Page 1 in Google; this is the guide to do just that. We go over every detail you need to know. Starting with keyword research and ending with how to find SPECIFIC BACKLINKS for your website, in your industry/niche. We hand hold you the entire way, and let go of the bicycle when you finally know how to gather these backlinks and create content for each & every network.

Quelles sont les conditions ?

You should know how to use a PC at a beginner level
Que vais-je apprendre grâce à ce cours ?

You’ll know how to perform keyword research
You’ll know the basics to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
You’ll know how to optimize a blog post & article
You’ll know how to optimize a web page
You’ll know how to optimize an image
You’ll know how to optimize a video
You’ll know how to build powerful EDU & GOV backlinks
You’ll know how to use software to find new & more powerful backlinks
You’ll know the various types of links you can create (20+ varieties)
You’ll know how to perform Local SEO & rank within your local city for extremely tough keywords & keyword phrases
You’ll know how to build more links than you can handle with this course
Quel est le public ciblé ?

Online Marketers
Everyone with a Website
SEO Marketers & Engineers
Brick & Mortar Businesses
Everyone with a Product
Video Producers who want to rank their videos higher in Google
Link Builders
Content Creators who want to get more traffic from their work

udemy course link : https://t.co/CSajtpqOnw

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