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Youtube Video SEO Tutorial 2017: How to Rank Youtube Videos that Make $200/Month (FAST!)

This step-by-step video SEO tutorial teaches you how to rank videos in Youtube to get more views, subs, and sales!

There is no better way to scale your business than ranking videos high in Youtube. The amount of views per day one video can get is absolutely insane.

Some of my videos are getting 50, 100, and even 300+ views every single day. Add an affiliate product offering to one of these videos and you could be making 0/mo on autopilot.

Now imagine if you knew how to rank and replicate this same process with all of your YouTube videos.

Ranking in Youtube requires two things: great content and great seo. This tutorial covers both Youtube SEO and content optimization in an insane amount of detail.

My aim is to break down the EXACT process I used to rank a video that makes me 0 per month and give this to you in the most detailed and practical guide you will ever find for free.

This is a super long video so I suggest adding it to a playlist or to your favorites to continually reference back to.

Lastly, I put a table of contents in the description below to allow you to easily jump around to different sections of this video if desired.

Without further ado, let’s jump straight into reverse engineering the Youtube algorithm.

Youtube Ninjas: http://bit.ly/YoutubeNinjas
Free Rank Engine Formula: http://bit.ly/YoutubeRankEngine

I. Youtube Ranking Signals: 00:53 – 13:48
II. Pre-Setup: 13:49 – 15:57
III. Keyword Research: 15:58 – 23:27
IV. Thumbnail: 23:28 – 24:34
V. Content Curation: 24:35 – 27:21
VI. Content Structuring: 27:22 – 29:51
VII. Filming + Editing: 29:52 – 31:22
VIII. Publishing Phase: 31:23 – 38:00
IX. Promotion: 38:01 – 42:21

The Youtube Algorithm:
Below is a list of metrics that Youtube looks at when deciding on how to rank your video. These video seo metrics are not necessarily listed in order of importance.

1. Video Minutes Watched
2. Channel Minutes Watched (Authority)
3. View Duration (Channel & Video)
4. Session Duration
5. Session Starts
6. Upload Frequency
7. Session Ends Penalty
8. Playlist Adds
11. Cards
12. End Screen

Priority Content:
Some content on Youtube is given higher priority when it comes to promotion. Some of those preferences are listed below.

– HD
– Live Streaming
– Virtual Reality
– Gaming

There are certain ‘triggers’ that we want to use to our advantage when creating and ranking content on Youtube’s platform.

– Watch-time Velocity
– Upload Frequency
– Last Upload Momentum

– Session Ends
– Youtube Ads

Produce a string of videos without releasing them
Create a series of videos that lead users from one into the next
Build a list as you’re producing videos by posting in forums and groups
Create daily playlists a week before launching your videos
Rev your video engines using your own YouTube Video SEO Rank Engine: [Optin URL Here]

Optimized YouTube Title Format:
Modifier 1 Long-tail keyword phrase 1: Second long-tail keyword phrase related to the first Modifier 2

Your modifiers can be terms like Best, Formula, Course, Secret, Fast, Cheap, etc. any term that makes people curious and want to click.

Site:domain.com “x” “y” x=your topic keyword phrase y=a question phrase
For example – site:yttalk.com “video seo” “how to”

This will show you threads in that specified forum about your topic that have people asking questions

Forum: “your keyword phrase” to find related forums
Blog: “your keyword phrase” to find related blogs


Video SEO Tool: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/vidiq-vision-for-youtube/pachckjkecffpdphbpmfolblodfkgbhl?hl=en

Well Known YouTube Marketer Mentioned In The Video:

Youtube Forum to Learn and Promote Your Videos:

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