Advanced Tiered Link Building Tutorial Part 5 – Indexation & Organization Welcome to the fifth video in the Ultimate Guide To Tiered Link Building tutorial series.

In the last video we created all of our tier 2 and 3 links.

In this video I will show you-

How to export all of your links and organize them efficiently
How to force Google to index every single one of your links
How to control the search spiders and send ripping down your tiers

Partial Transcript (full transcript on the blog)

Hi guys welcome to part 5 of my ultimate guide to tiered link building. In the last video we setup tiers 2 and 3 to post forever, in this video I’m going to show you how to export and organise all of your links.

How to get every single you have created indexed on auto pilot and most importantly how to send the search spiders ripping through the millions of unique paths that lead to your site.

Now if you remember from the last video we created this link tracker spreadsheet and I created some additional tabs here. What we need to do is populate these tabs with tier 2 and 3 links and in the case of link wheel bandit tier 4 links that we have created. And once we’ve got that list together we can move on to getting them all indexed and things like that.

So first of all lets jump over into link wheel bandit so exporting the report from linkwheelbandit is really easy, just select tools, generate report and that gives us this window here and then we can select our link wheel that we want to export the report from. You can select date ranges; I always go for the beginning of time to make sure we get all of the links here. In options we can select which tiers we are going to export, remember this is actually tier 2, this is tier 3, this is tier 4 because we built the link wheels out to our tier 1 links.

So you will need to in order do tier 1 posted article urls and then save that as Tier 1. And this is going to say there’s no data for my options because I didn’t actually build this link wheel out but yours will actually export a list of URLS. So you need to go through and do a report for each of the tiers as so, generate report and again yours will actually export some data here and then tier 3 and generate report here, ok.

So if you come to C link wheel bandit reports here you’ll get the text files of the reports you should have 3 here, tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3. So what we need to do is open this up and select it all and come to our excel spreadsheet and remember tier 1 in linkwheelbandit is actually tier 2, paste them in here and then go through and do the same for the tier 2 text file which goes on the tier 3 tab and the tier 3 text file goes on the tier 4 tab.

So I’m just going to paste in some dummy content here to show you how it all pieces together. Just before I show you how to export the URL’s from GSA I just wanted to show you the value of Captcha Sniper since my last tutorial. Last time the total solved was around 100,000 and since then it’s done another 86,000 captcha solves for me. That an immense number and would cost about the same cost as Captcha Sniper to solve and that is in just a week’s time.

So again I highly recommend captcha sniper it is essential for posting out on mass with GSA so just make sure you pick it up it will save you a lot of money in the long run. So let’s just minimise that.

Exporting our tier 2 links first here is the project we created last time, I didn’t let it run for very long just enough to build a few links so I can export them and show you how this works.

So if we just right click on the project, show urls, verified and in this window here click and press ctrl + a to select all, right click copy URL, come to our spreadsheet and paste it down into the tier 2 tab here.

And then we just need to come back into GSA and find our tier 3 project and the same process again, right click, show URL’s, verified, select all, right click, copy urls and then go to tier 3 of our spreadsheet and drop them in there. Then at this point you want to be saving a copy of all of your exported urls.
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