Advanced Tiered Link Building Tutorial Part 6 – Advanced Tactics

This is the very last video in the tiered link building tutorial series.

What you will learn-

How to build Web 2.0 sites the right way
Advanced tactics to strengthen your tier 1 profile
How to drip feed social signals
How to rank #1 for any keyword

Partial Transcript (Full Transcript on the blog)

Hi Guys Matthew Woodward here and welcome to the last video in my ultimate guide to tiered link building series. In this video you will learn-

How to build web 2.0 sites properly
You will also learn some of my advanced tier 1 tactics I like to use on tougher keywords
You will also learn how to automate social signals
As well as exactly what to do if you’re not rank #1 yet

So let’s get started.

In one of the earlier videos I mentioned that I like to build out full web 2.0 sites for use in my link campaigns. So I just wanted to show you an example of what one of these web 2 sites looks like.

I tend to build them out as if they were actual money sites so I ensure I’ve got images and headings and related links and down here you can see there’s a video in this article and so on.

In total on this example web 2.0 sites which is I’ve only posted 4 articles which is the bare minimum that I recommend. You should really be looking to post 5-10 sometimes 15 for your stronger sites. And you should make sure your articles make complete sense, they are unique, they are relevant to the website your trying to rank and contain relevant images and videos.

What I tend to do when building these sites out is first of all I will come and submit the articles with the images and videos and then a week later I will come back and drop these links in and the idea behind doing this is, it does take a lot of effort to create sites like this but all of these will pass human moderation first of all so they will never get deleted. And secondly we are essentially just feeding the Google Bot with everything that they want and that is good quality content that is relevant with images, videos and contextual links to other websites that support the overall article.

Now if we just jump back to the homepage here we’ve got a few links on this home page probably about 7 or 8 in total and our link to our money site is here. Now I always make sure that the link to the money site is on the home page that way when it goes through the tiered link building process and the home page is getting all of the links that juice is been passed through to your site and you can see that its nicely disguised with a lot of other helpful relevant links.

So I just wanted to take you through my example web 2.0 site to give you an idea of what you should be building. What I actually do is on each run of the tier 1 links I will build 5 or 10 of these web 2.0 sites on different properties depending on the toughness of the keyword that I’m going for and then once I’ve built 5 or 10 they just get pushed down into the tiered link building process just like all the other tier 1 links do.

So that’s web 2.0 sites done properly I just wanted to go over that with you and if you want to see the live example go to

So let’s take a look at some of the advanced tier 1 tactics we can also take advantage of. Now I think that the future is going to be owning your tier 1 link profile, so that means owning all of the domains, web 2.0s and been in absolute full control of your tier 1 links.

As people try to combat spam more we are going to find the backlinks that we create are deleted more often and that’s just going to be a natural progression as webmasters tighten their belts on what content they allow to be published on their sites.

So one way we can own our tier 1 links is to create mini sites using new domains. So just jump over to your favourite domain registrar, register a domain and then install a content management system such as Worpdress and build your site out as you would with your web 2.0 sites and then that becomes a tier 1 link that you own.

What’s important to note is you should be using completely separate hosting for this, and the hosting is with a completely different company on a completely different IP range.

The other thing that you can do is buy an aged domain with page rank and then build out minisites on those as well. So then you can instantly create a relevant contextual PR3, 4 or 5 link depending on what domain you buy and again just build a site out as you would with the web 2.0 examples and you can use that as one of your tier 1 links.

I’m going to quickly show you how to buy aged domains with Scrapebox so let’s jump over to there.

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