Basic Knowledge about Off Page SEO and The Advantage Of OffPage SEO

Basic Knowledge about Off Page SEO and The Advantage Of  OffPage SEO

Hello dear , How are you everyone ?
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In my previous video , I tried to give you some knowledge about the basics of SEO . Today , I am going to tell you about How you can do SEO for your website . As you all know that , SEO are two types , One is Onpage SEO & another is OffPage SEO . From this video , You can learn about the OffPage SEO .
Let’s start :
In the Below , I am discussing What you will learn from my upcoming video tutorials about offpage SEO .
1) How to do Profile Backlinks for your Website
2) How to do Social Bookmarking for your Website
3) How to do Image Share for your website
4) How to do Audio Share for your website
5) How to Make PPT , PDF & VIDEO for your Website
6) How to do PPT share for your website
7) How to do PDF Share for your website
8) How to do VIDEO share for your website
9) How to do Blog Commenting for your website
10) How to do Forum Posting for your website
11) How to do Guest Posting for your website
12) How to do Broken URL link for your website
13) How to do Directories Submission for your website
14) How to do Rss Feed Submission for your website
15) How to do Social Media Share for your website

16) How to do Analyze about your Competitors website
17) How to Check Do-Follow & No-Follow backlinks of your website

If you follow my upcoming video tutorials about Offpage SEO , I think you can do SEO by yourself for your Website .
In My Upcoming video , I will show how you can do Profile Backlinks for your website .
If you have any problem , please leave a comment . I will try my best to help you . If You like my video , Please Subscribe my channel to get the Upcoming video which will be more helpful for your website .
Have a Good day !!!
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