Best SEO Video – Video Marketing -Top YouTube SEO – How to Get Google First Page Rankings

In this marketing video I go over the some of the best video seo
in order to get top YouTube SEO and Google rankings.

The goals of this video case study was to:

1-Get a YouTube video to rank on the first page of Google
for high volume, and highly competitive keywords.

2-Determine how many page 1 listings can be achieved with
one video.

The Ranking Factors for Video SEO and Video Marketing Are:
-Keyword competition
-Channel Authority
-Views,Comments,Likes,and subscribes
-Video titling, description and video audio transcription
-Video Distribution to digital media channels such as Twitter, FaceBook, Google Plus, and other
Social Media websites.
-Length of Video

One of the critcal pieces for video seo and video marketing is titling. In this video
I show the viewer how to structure the video title in order to achieve the opportunity
to rank for many keywords sing only one video.

Next, using a spreadsheet the viewer is shown various exammples of video seo keywords which
the case study video is currently ranking for the first page of Google. A sample of the
of the 33 keywords the video is ranking for is:

-quick ranking
-seo quick ranking
-google ranking overview
-ranking for seo quickly
-google quick seo ranking
-ranking quickly with SEO
-ranking performance with SEO
-quick ranking performance with seo
-ranking with seo quickly

In the case study I also show live results of the video seo case study and
how these results are above or with other very high authority seo ranking
individuals and companies.

In closing the visitor learns how to better construct the video title in order
to achieve excellent video seo and video marketing results.
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