Blog SEO Comment Strategy for 2016

Blog SEO Comment Strategy for 2016

Blog SEO Comment Strategy for 2016

Great video explaining simple but effective SEO that eveyone should be applying to there blogging activities. If your into blogging and getting poerfeul backlinks to your websites, then this 5 minute video will help you on you comment strategy.

As we all know, backlinks are still part of Googles page ranking structure. They are not as important as they where back in the day, but neverless, proper backlinking is still vital for your website to rank highly on Google.

We have many more very useful seo videos published all the time on this channel so please subscribe and post a ‘like’. The series of videos comes from myself and fellow experts creative commons videos helping people who want to get into the know with all aspects of seo.

Chech out another of my videos, Great Seo Tips 2016:

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for 2016

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