Clock Wise VLOG: Top 3 Tips on SEO for VIDEO

Clock Wise VLOG: Top 3 Tips on SEO for VIDEO

Nina Froriep of Clock Wise Productions talks about the top 3 tips to adhere in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Video.

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At first glance search engine optimization for video seems to be a bit of a chore but with some routine it’s actually not that bad.

So what are the three main things to keep in mind?

Number One: Keywords, keywords, keywords.
They belong everywhere into the title, into your subtitle, into description, and into tags.

Number Two, and here the opinions split a little bit but I would say, put a transcription or captioning on to your video, onto the page where the video lives. Google does give a preference to video and images but in terms of content it still relies on text.

And Number Three, encourage interaction with your video with the viewers.

And if you want to have more in-depth information and a full list of what you can do to move your video higher up in the search engine algorithms check out my blog and check our curated link pack for the month and I’m putting the links for both below this video.

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