Competitor Keyword Research for SEO

Organic SEO has been declared dead, SERPs have shifted free listings almost out of view, yet Google Organic Search continues to be the most valuable traffic source for many web-based businesses. For SEO Week, Philly native and digital marketing hero, Nick Eubanks, will prove that keywords are not dead, by using them to breathe new life into your organic search visibility.

He will delve into SEMrush to demonstrate:

– How to excavate your competitors keywords for gems
– How to evaluate the results to select highly productive keywords
– How to export and sort the results for rapid assessment of value
– How to apply semantic analysis to examine your site’s current content for relevant pages to work on
– How to select more than phrases, but questions to answer and transactional queries for maximum ROI
– What to do with those keywords for maximum effect (content, metadata, schema, link-building, citations, co-occurrence)
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