Get Free YouTube SEO Guide – 7 Easy YouTube Video Optimization Tricks To Rank On The 1st Page Fast

Get Free YouTube SEO guide here: – 7 Easy YouTube Video Optimization Tricks To Rank On The 1st Page Fast. Learn how to optimize YouTube videos for SEO.

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(First part of this article is placed in the description of this video

“Second is description. You want to write a real description for your videos. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a video, and it’s like a link to your website is the only description in there. Or, “This is a great video on . . .” and it has like one keyword in it. Write a description. Talk about what your video is all about, what makes it unique. Put some keywords in there, but write it from a real perspective. Make sure you put a link in there to whatever you want, fully qualified URL, and it will light up so that people can click on it. But the real purpose of the description is to make sure that you describe it.

Content is king, and this is a place for you to make sure that you have content. For us, I make sure that my writers write the descriptions. They take time. We write 300 to 400 to 500 words in a lot of cases. Maybe we’ll do 200 or 300 words, and then we’ll add the transcription below. But you want to make sure that you have something unique that’s really about the video. Take the time to write it. It’s really worth it.

The third ranking factor on the content side is your tags. You want at least 10 tags. You want them to be keywords, you want to do your keyword research, and you want to make sure that they’re relevant for the video. Something that’s weird about YouTube that’s a little different than Google is that you can have a video that’s all about something, and if you don’t use that keyword in there, it doesn’t really do the semantic matching for you. So, you could have a video that’s all about something, but if you don’t spell it the right way or if you don’t use the plural version versus the singular version, then YouTube won’t even rank it. So you need to make sure, at least until Google gets better at it, that you put those tags in there that have both plural and singular. Do your keyword research. Again, make sure that you understand, what are people looking for that are going to need to watch this video.

The fourth YouTube ranking factor on the content side is transcription. This is something that most people don’t know about. I’m going to tell you about it today. That is that YouTube has a feature where it’s going to try to transcribe your video for you, and it is horrible at transcribing your video. If you’ve ever tried to read the transcription that it does by machine, it is awful. However, something else that they don’t tell you is that they use those transcriptions to rank your video for keywords.

So, if you were to slip something, and there’s actually been some tests done on this, where someone transcribes a video and throws in a word that isn’t mentioned anywhere in the description, anywhere in the title, and then you type that in a search in YouTube and up comes that video. They are indexing the transcriptions. So take the time to go ahead and transcribe your video word for word. Upload the text file. It will match up the words. It will then make your video closed caption, which will increase your click through rate, and it will also allow you to rank better for that video. Just a quick tip on that. Definitely worth doing. If you’re going to take all the time to make the video, take a few extra minutes and transcribe it and make it happen.”


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