Google Adwords and Keyword Planner Tutorial – A beginner’s guide to targeting keywords 2015
This video tutorial is geared toward helping the beginner identify what keywords to target in their website or blog content and WHY. The Google Keyword Planner is a perfect, free tool that only takes a few minutes to master and will help you increase your traffic dramatically!

Properly identifying keywords is, pardon the phrase, the key to getting noticed by the search engines and getting more traffic for the same amount of effort.

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Google Keywords
Google Adwords
Google Keyword Planner
Keyword Planner Tutorial

Here is one example site that I’ve been working on here in Playa del Carmen and have gotten great results on targeted keywords…

The Google Adwords and Keyword Planner is one of many tools that is provided free by Google that you can use. Good luck and let me know you have any questions!
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