Guide To Link Building (SEO) For Startups, New Websites & Bootstrappers On A Budget

Guide To Link Building (SEO) For Startups, New Websites & Bootstrappers On A Budget

In this video, I provide a simple path to building links (SEO) for new websites, businesses on a budget and startups just getting off the ground that will hopefully provide you with a good template to get started on.

As you and I both know SEO can be a killer source of traffic and leads, so make sure you protect yourself from penalties down the road by asking yourself “would a normal business do this?” when prospecting links.

If the answer is yes, get that link!

If the answer is no, then don’t and move on.

You’ll notice that guest posting (aka PR), listing in local directories, reaching out for shares on social media, participating in forums and press releases when you release new features or update your business are all great ways to acquire links.

If you have any questions PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE leave them in the comments below. Happy to answer them before you start.

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