How To Build Links When You Have No Money

Every website needs backlinks to rank well in Google, but how can new businesses build backlinks when they have no budget? In this video I’ll show you where you can being ——— get your free website review @

First things first — Google doesn’t like websites paying for links, so don’t do that. Instead, focus on EARNING backlinks.

Tip 1 — Look at your competitor’s backlinks

Your competitors who are already ranking well in Google probably have strong backlinks already. For this reason, there’s nothing to stop you looking at their backlinks to see whether there are website’s you could earn backlinks from too.

Tip 2 — Brand Mentions

If your business is well known there may be websites mentioning your brand but not linking to your website. Finding these mentions and suggesting they add a link to your website — to make it easier for their readers to find your website, instead of Googling for it — can increase links to your website.

Tip 3 — Competitor Brand Mentions

If your competitor is getting mentioned somewhere then it’s possible that your website could be mentioned too.

Finding these mentions and then earning links from those websites can really help with your link building.

Tip 4 — Directories (but only the decent ones or niche ones)

Directories are only useful for local businesses who are trying to rank within a geographic area, and not every directory is worth being listed on, so focus on well-known directories.

Industry-specific directories are sometimes worth being listed on too.

Tip 5 — HARO / #JournoRequests on Twitter

HARO, or Help a Reporter Out, is a website which connects journalists with specialists. When a journalist has a topic they need a professional point-of-view from they will broadcast this out and then choose someone who replies to be included in the story they are working on.

#JournoRequests is similar but done for free on Twitter.

Tip 6 — Ask your suppliers if you can leave a testimonial

Testimonials are one of the best ways to promote the quality of your service or products to future customers, so every business treasures them.

Your suppliers may be receptive to publishing a testimonial from you on their website which links to you.

Tip 7 — Speak to local or niche newspaper

Every business should have a story to share with their local paper. It can be about your most recent biggest successes, the work you’re doing in the community, or the charities you’re sponsoring.

Tip 8 — Promote your content to other people

Just because you’ve hit publish on your content doesn’t mean that everyone is going to find it. Sometimes people need a nudge to say, “hey, did you know about his AWESOME thing we did?”.

Tip 9 — Steal links

Okay, so don’t exactly STEAL links, but if you have the right kind of content then there’s no reason why — if it’s better than your competitor’s — you can’t persuade other websites to link to your content instead.

Tip 10 — Create INCREDIBLE content

People aren’t going to link to average content. Your content not only needs to be good, but it also needs to be better than all of the alternatives already ranking in Google.

Tip 11 — Create content with other people

Creating content with other people is brilliant for link building as you then have two audiences to share it with, and if the partner you work with has a bigger audience than your own then all the better.

Tip 12 — Broken Link Building

Broken link building is great for finding new link opportunities. Essentially, you look at websites which are important to your industry and look to see if you can find any broken links, or 404 pages.

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