How To Do Keyword Research For SEO Free Using Google Keyword Planner Part 1 – Tayyab Tanveer

How To Do Keyword Research For SEO Free Using Google Keyword Planner Part 1 – Tayyab Tanveer

#Keyword #research is the most important thing for publicity of your site to the search engines. For search engine optimization seo keyword research is must. Do you know properly how to do keyword research for SEO with adwords keyword tool ?

First you should know what is keyword.
Keywords are the main topics in which people generally search for anything on search engine. For example, you want to find a SEO company. Then you probably search for a keyword like ” best SEO company in USA” . So keyword can be a word, group of words or phrases or even a complete sentance.
When you are researching keywords with adwords keyword tool, there are two types of keywords. The short tail keywords and the long tail keywords. Short tail keywords are dificult to rank for while long tail is easier to rank on search engines. Short tails are single or cuple words keyword and long tail are group of word or even a complete sentence as well.
Let us focus on keywords and how to do keyword research for seo. Short tail keywords are easier to find. You can research or find them by google adwords keyword planner. But for long tail keyword reseach you need paid or premium software like Long Tail Pro Platinum.
Now let us know how to find long tail keywords. For finding long tail keywords we should find short tail niche keyword with google adwords. Then we should implement those keywords again to find related long tail with the help of google and keyword planner. Then we should paste them into Long Tail Pro Platinum software and check the competition level on that single keyword. So, like this we can find perfect keywords for SEO purpose with adwords keyword tool. Now finding keywords for SEO optimization with help of keyword planner that is google adwords and Long Tail Pro Platinum will not be a difficult task to do.
So, #SEO #keyword_research will be a simple task for you.

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