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Haroon Rashid of Khemeia Consulting shares Twitter Marketing strategies – in particular How to generate leads through Twitter For Your Business.

1. Understanding the online lead generation process:
The first point of contact between you and a potential customer on Twitter is your tweet – moreover, it’s the title of your content. To generate leads on Twitter you will most likely be sharing your content (blog posts, podcasts, videos etc). So the title is the thing that will attract them to click through and consume your content.

Therefore your content title needs to be compelling. It needs t be so compelling that it jumps out and makes your potential customer WANT TO click that link – over and above everyone else who is trying to get their attention.

2. Creating AWESOME content:
If you aren’t generating leads through your content, it means your content sucks. It’s that simple. Your content has to be on point. Average content doesn’t generate leads. Awesome content does.

3. Be helpful as possible.
This is one of the best Twitter strategies you can have. Going out of your way to be helpful will get you in people’s minds. You develop a great reputation. This is a great way to generate leads on Twitter as you can help people instantly in real time.

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