How To Get More Views on YouTube | Video SEO | Video Marketing Tips
Video SEO | Video Marketing Tips | How To Get Your Video Ranked on Page 1 of YouTube Google

Video Marketing Tips 2016. This is a video showing you step by step what I do to rank my videos on page 1 or both YouTube and Google. Do I get all of my videos on page 1?. NO, definitely not.

But I do get many. So this video SEO method works very well for me. There are many Video experts out there, and people do different things, these are the things that work for me, but we must all keep learning.

Video marketing is very important in the online/affiliate marketing space. People love to watch video reviews or video training and I guess it’s a lot easier for people to watch, rather than read.

Video traffic has been increasing rapidly over the last few years and social media sites such as Facebook are giving videos much more preference now over other content. Especially live videos.

So what is the magic of video marketing and why should you SEO your videos?

You are competing against thousands of others to sell your products and services. It’s best to make sure that you learn the skills to get your content seen.

You could have the best training video in the world, but if no one sees it, what’s the point?

I hope you find this video useful, if you do please leave a comment below and give me a “thumbs up” this lets me know that you liked the content. I am always producing videos with tips and tricks in so “subscribe” to my channel to get notifications of new videos.


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