How To Grow A Small Business Using Internet Marketing – Digital Marketing Tips For Beginners

How To Grow A Small Business Using Internet Marketing - Digital Marketing Tips For Beginners

How To Grow A Small Business Using Internet Marketing –

In this video I explain how to grow a small business using internet marketing and all the potential it contains.

Whether you’re a plumber, beauty therapist, garage or shop owner your goals will probably including attracting new customers and keeping your existing ones.

Digital marketing has huge potential to promote your business if used correctly so here are some internet marketing tips for beginners.

I expect you’re an expert in your own field but there are many tasks that are best delegated or outsourced and some aspects of marketing may be among them.

Attending to the needs of your existing customers might take up most of your time. Doing all the other tasks involved in running a small business will take up the rest.

Do what you know best. Outsource the rest.

At some point you will need to choose between the tasks that you can and want to do yourself and others that are delegated to employees or contractors.

Many small business owners and solo traders simply don’t have the time nor the inclination to spend the hours it takes to make the best use of the online world.

This is where I can help you. I’ve been working in the field of networking and internetworking since the early 1990s. I built my first website in about 1996.

I enjoy helping sole traders and small businesses to establish an online presence. It brings me satisfaction to see them attract new clients due to tasks they have contracted me to do on their behalf.

Allow me to help your business to grow

Do you need a website? I can provide one that is stable, secure, fast loading, and optimised for mobile phones and tablets. I’ll register the domain, install WordPress, and add a suitable design for the image you want to portray.

How about some one to one training on how to use WordPress? No problem. I’ll teach you how to update your website and add new content, whether it’s once a week or once a year.

Are you familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)? Don’t worry. I know the ropes and I can either teach you the basics or tweak and fine tune your website for you.

Do you know how to use PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing? I can set up campaigns for you in Google, Bing, and Facebook. I can tailor them to suit a particular audience in specific areas so that you can rest assured your budget is well spent.

Bored and baffled by social media? Fed up with Facebook? Let me manage that for you too. I can manage your accounts so they become relationship builders that are a source of interest and information to your followers.

Have you tapped into the potential in video marketing? Again, this area has great potential but so many small businesses don’t know how to use it and imagine it’s too complicated or too expensive.

I can make you inexpensive and effective videos that can be shared on social media, embedded in websites, and optimised for YouTube.

The video you’re watching now is an example. I can arrange the voice over gender and accent, and arrange the slides and video clips to suit your purpose.

Make contact and explore the potential

There is so much that can be done online easily, quickly, and with a small budget. Allow me to help your business to grow.

Contact me now, tell me what you need and what you want to achieve. Let’s discuss your goals and how we can achieve them.

Don’t let time pass by without exploring the potential. Make that first connection and see what develops.

At the very least we can talk for a short while and discuss some ideas. If we don’t subsequently do any business together well, at least you’ve make a new connection. Who knows? Maybe I’ll become a customer of yours!

Check out the testimonials I’ve received from previous and current clients. Let them speak for themselves.

You’ll find them at this address

Let me know how best to contact you or contact me using this form:

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Good luck with your business!

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