How to Video SEO ? YouTube video optimization for Google top ranking

A how to video SEO guide for YouTube Videos. Read this URL , how to put your YouTube videos in Google top ranking.

How to optimize your videos in YouTube so that they appear in Google. In this tutorial we have shown how easily you can optimize your YouTube videos. This is a how to seo your YouTube videos, a guide for the small business owners.

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The Transcription of the above video

This is a basic video tutorial here top ranking in Google Bing Yahoo! for YouTube videos. When somebody will search in google for something they will get your YouTube video in the first page top position.

Firstly you have to upload your YouTube video. I have logged in YouTube, you also need to login in to YouTube and click the upload button. After that you can upload videos.

I’m not getting into details of the YouTube uploading this is pretty simple, you just drag drop your video and upload it and feel it yourself this is not a video upload tutorial.

So after uploading you just click here mychannel in the left column in YouTube (after uploading your video) and go to your channel.

When you will visit your channel the uploaded videos will be shown there in your channel. We have only two videos here right now so you can see this these two videos now.

I’m clicking in on this video to open it, I have just clicked the video and it is being shown here. The video is on Facebook page SEO, you how to optimize your Facebook fan page . It has got more than 10,000 views.

I don’t expect that you will get this type of views for your Video overnight & it takes some time and don’t get hurt and if you don’t achieve this type of viewers.

This section is the description section of my YouTube video, I have logged in so when I’m mousing over here you see this icon . If you are not logged in you cannot see this icon.

I’ve skipped this portion of my video, which is called the title section above the description and these buttons are actually plugins, because they are installed, so these buttons are showing up here to download.

So now my target is to edit this video & I’m clicking here, if you are not logged in you cannot see these buttons I’ve logged in so i’m clicking this button, when I’m clicking, in edit mode the video will be opened.

I have clicked the video in edit mode so the video is shown like this way this is the same video in edit mode to edit the other things but the title is confirmed tags etc , i’m just crawling down this is the title which i have shown you just in the previous screen iphone you the Titan

This is the description in which I have written a brief contents and URL to our website and these are tags section where, you should just type some keywords then you will see that the keywords or will appear here in this box.

The description should be around hundred 200 / 400 / 800 or more, you can write meaningful words, meaningful sentences using the keywords don’t write any spamming content, because your videos may be penalized then.

I have targeted the keyword facebook page seo for this video. You can add your video to a playlist, I have just added my video to a playlist but that is optional.

Basically I am discussing here the on-page matters for our video, so you have to write a good title, good description.. a long description with the key words in it and you have to write relevant tags so these are the basics and you have to follow these three things to place your video in the top ranking youtube Google search results.

For the search term Facebook Page SEO, our video is in the second page, we’re in the second page of Google’s combined search results, but this is the first video appeared in the Google video search results.

You can contact us in this phone number or visit our website for any kind Video SEO services for YouTube, Vimeo or any other video sharing websites. Thank you very much for visiting this video.

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