Introduction to Basic SEO – What is Search Engine Optimization? Introduction to Basic SEO – What is Search Engine Optimization? The first video in a series of 12. Other video topics to follow are:

Video Series 2 – How Google Works, The Secrets of Getting RANKED
Video Series 3 – Keywords and Key Phrases – What Not to Do
Video Series 4 – Dodging the Dreaded Panda – Avoid Being Penalized by Google
Video Series 5 – Undiscovered High Traffic Keywords in Your Own Backyard
Video Series 6 – Content Confessions of a Strategic Internet Marketing Consultant
Video Series 7 – The Do’s and Don’t EVERs of Website Organization and Navigation
Video Series 8 – Simple Optimization Techniques that SEOs Don’t Want You to Know
Video Series 9 – Sneaky Yet Powerful Social Links and How to Get Them
Video Series 10 – How to Leverage The Social Blogger that Never Sleeps
Video Series 11 – The Secrets of Google Analytics and How to Apply Them to Your SEO
Video Series 12 – Planning Your Strategic Internet Marketing with a Predictable SYSTEM

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