Keyword Research and A Few Tips For The Perfect Keyword Research Tool!

When it comes to how to do keyword research for free or even using paid tools, most people struggle. Let me break down my super effective SEO keyword research process using free tools available to everyone.
For online marketing, keyword research is a fundamental key.
The value of well researched keywords goes beyond SEO, because in its essence, keyword research IS market research.
It tells us what people are looking for, what are their interests and what are the numbers around that.
There is little exaggeration in the saying that a proper keyword is gold, if you know exactly what to do with it.
Words are extremely powerful, in any area, in any niche but the right words can get you far.
Along with choosing the right words you will get traffic, revenue, subscribers and in the end, influence.
And that is pretty much all you need in order to be successful at what you do, whatever that might be.
If you’re about to get starting with your own blog or you’re in the need to enhance an existing one, “keyword research” might sound technical or even intimidated to the uninitiated.
That is why I took it down to the very basic and necessary tips to start correctly.
Firstly, you need a popular or profitable enough niche to start with but you also want to research the related markets.
You will notice that related terms can add in value for the final form of your perfect keyword.
You will also want to search related websites for ideas.
But if you’re planning to make money from your blog, keyword research tools are quite essential.
They show how to best monetize the traffic as well as how to optimize all the posts to bring the most out of them.
On long term, small differences in the quality of the research will get to have huge impact on your business so treat everything responsibly.
I’ve had a lot of success ranking blog posts and videos in Google, YouTube and other search engines. I get asked all the time how I do it, how I’m able to rank stuff on the first page of Google and get lots of traffic when others seem to not get traffic. It usually comes down to their SEO and keyword research process.
Don’t make this harder than it needs to be. Keyword research can actually be a simple, fast and easy process once you understand the key elements and how it all fits together. You’ll be able to make better decisions about your content and gain a lot more traffic, leads and sales.
The new Google Keyword Planner takes over for the old Adwords Google Keyword Tool and while it might look intimidating it’s really more of a layout change than anything else.

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