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Keyword Research Bangla Tutorial 2016
Your knowledge of keyword research will make possible your post to be “relevant”. This is essential to keep the reliability of Google and other search engine sites.

For example, how would you like to use /Keyword Planner, Yahoo or Bing and type in “how to do SEO keyword research”, and as a result you get some spammy site that tries to hard-sell you into a company opportunity… not cool, correct?

This is why the “Google Penguin” hit – as much as marketers hatred it, nobody likes spam. And, bottom line, it’s way easier to get a right buyer for your product when you lead with cost.
Keyword Research Bangla Tutorial 2016

Knowledge the free techniques I’m about to teach you will make your site related…
The secrets how to do keyword research for free of charge…
The outside keyword research tool on Google will get you started. Go to ‘’ to begin your search. Of course, Google needs you to buy pay-per-click ads, so they’ll have a lot of fancy stuff in there you can just ignore.

Only set up an account for free and click the tab for tools that leads into the keyword research planner. Here is where you simply type in your initial plan…
For example, when I first began this post, I typed in “how to do keyword research”, and from there I clicked on the column header “contest” As I only want phrases with LOW competition.

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