Keyword Research For YouTube SEO – 6 Tips To Finding BUYER Keywords

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How To Do Proper Keyword Research:

Keyword Research For YouTube SEO – 6 Tips To Finding Buyer Keywords:

Get more views and sales by targeting “Buyer Keywords.” A Buyer keyword represents a search term where a potential prospect is at the end of their search and ready to buy.

Here Are 6 Tips To Finding The Perfect Buyer Keyword:

1. Make sure the keyword is longtail – In most situations, this means having 4 or keywords in the keyword phrase. Instead of “weight loss” go for “how to lose belly fat before a wedding.” this is an example for the health market.

2. Catch people at the end of their search:

For example: think “p90x” instead of “lose weight” or “sony bravia kdl-48w600b” instead of “LED TV’s.”

Think “eye wrinkle cream” instead of “get rid of wrinkles under eyes.” Even further “eye wrinkle cream to get rid of crows feet.”

3. Is There Pain In the Market? In other words, Is your niche in the health wealth or relationships market. If so, there is a good chance you’ve got a winner and can offer many different products and services to your audience.

4. Avoid keywords with the word “free” in the search phrase.

5. Go for “review” keywords. Review different products and services inside of your niche and leverage them to build your list. Anyone that is looking for a review is nearing the end of their research and looking to potentially buy.

6. Is your product or service a solution to the keyword? Make sure their is congruency between the keyword and what you are offering. For example, If you are doing a review on another product and you offer the same type of product with improved quality and more advantages, let it be known.


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Keyword Research For YouTube SEO – 6 Tips To Finding BUYER Keywords

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