Keyword Research Tool Free best SEO long tail keyword research using Google

Check Rick’s 7 keywords research tips using keyword research tool free.

1- Plan your key phrases – In basic terms optimizing a website, just around 100 is advisable.

2- Select Simple Seed Keywords – Take advantage of programs like Market Samurai and Google Keyword Planner to come forth with various other ideas.

3- Look At Your Rankings – Use Market Samurai SEO research software to evaluate your webpage for the keywords you currently rank well for and then utilize Analytics in order to find out which searches you happen to be seriously getting.

4- Examine Your Competition – Check at the search rankings of the competitors.

5- Gather Data on the Keywords – Create reports for your keywords.

6- Experiment with your Key phrases – Run them all of them via suggestion tools for a second time.

7- Consistently Research and then Adapt Key Phrases – In order to remain on the top results for your niche market, you have to really know which of phrases will stay on top.

As Rick suggests, keep working on your keywords at least once per month. This way you are guaranteed to notice any changes on your rankings.


Presentation created by Rick Smith and Published on May 13, 2015 ➙

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