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Link Building Strategies for SEO | Affilorama training course | In this lesson we will focus on off-page SEO and how you can use link building strategies for your page’s SEO.

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You probably already know what a link is: a clickable text or an image that takes you to another place online when you click it. But did you know that links are extremely important when it comes to search engine optimization and getting your site to rank well in the search engines for your targeted keywords?

Why are links important for SEO?

Anchor text from links help your site rank higher for your site’s important keywords. Have you ever heard of Google bombing, or link bombing? This is where a website ranks very high for a certain keyword because there are a ton of other sites that link to the webpage using that keyword as the link anchor text. For instance, someone once made it so when you typed “miserable failure” into Google, the results would all be pages about George W. Bush and/or Michael Moore, the documentary filmmaker guy.

These sites that showed up in the search did not ever once mention “miserable failure” in their content, but that didn’t matter because there were hundreds or thousands of other websites linked to these sites using the same anchor text.

Don’t go spamming hundreds of links to your site just yet. These link bombing tactics do not work nowadays, as the search engines are wise to this trick.

Improve your PageRank with links

Links improve your site’s PageRank. Google’s PageRank is a system that determines the value and reputation of your site based on the other sites that link to you. PageRank is not the only thing that determines where your site will rank on the search engines for certain keywords, but Google maintains that it is the basis for Google’s ranking decisions.

PageRank isn’t the only thing you should focus on, but it is important enough to focus at least a little of your energy on improving your site’s PageRank. And the easiest way to increase your PageRank is to get more backlinks to your site.

(For more on this, check out our What is Google PageRank? lesson)

Get more traffic with links

Links bring your site more traffic. A lot of affiliates get stuck thinking they must focus 100% of their energy on building their PageRank, so they skip any link opportunities from sites that will not pass on their PageRank. This is a mistake because building PageRank is not your priority; your priority is to get traffic to your site!

If you have the opportunity to build links in high-traffic areas where a lot of people will see it and then click on it, even if it won’t help your PageRank, you should still build these links! Don’t overlook posting links on blogging sites or social networking sites, for example, when you are building backlinks to your site. Even though these links may not help increase your PageRank, they still have the opportunity of sending lots of really great traffic back to your website.

Link Building Strategies for SEO


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