Marketing Tips for Small Business using Twitter – #SocialCentiv

Twitter Marketing Tips for Small Business by Dallas Twitter marketing expert.
@macyenglish goes over 5 marketing tips for small business when using Twitter.
Macy is a Vice President of SocialCentiv developer of Twitter marketing tool.

Marketing tips for small business using Twitter.

Dallas Twitter expert goes over marketing tips for small business owners on a shoestring budget using Twitter marketing tool for sbo.

Small Business Twitter Marketing Expert Macy English offers 5 Tips.

1) Be present on Twitter. Create an account on Twitter.
2) Set Goals. Set objectives. Finding new customers on Twitter is a goal that socialcentiv twitter marketing tool can help you achieve.
3) Be active in real time. Dont be overwhelmed. Socialcentiv Twitter marketing tool can help with that.
4) Engage in Real Time. Socialcentiv Twitter marketing system is designed to help small businesses find new customers.
5) Be Local. Local business can take advantage of customers in the backyard using this tool.

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