Must Know WordPress SEO Basics for your Website or Blog 2015

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a set of techniques that need to be performed properly to ensure that your website or WordPress blog can be found in search engines such as Google and Yahoo for words and phrases relevant to what your website is offering.

SEO is one of the most difficult techniques to master as it is ever changing but not to worry today i will teach you the basics that will remain the same and how to apply them to your WordPress Website or Blog.

Search Engine Optimization and WordPress Video

In my video below I am going to share with you the SEO techniques that work to drive traffic to my WordPress website.

Obviously content is King. However, if your content is great and it cannot be easily picked up by Google then you have missed a vital step.

By adapting the steps in my video on your blog or website your great content can reach your target audience.

WordPress & SEO: What you will learn

Which is the best WordPress SEO plugin to use on all your posts and pages
SEOQUAKE and how this can be used to help you optimize your website for SEO
How to get rid off the /category in your url which is bad for SEO

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