Online Marketing- Online Marketing Basics

Online Marketing Basics
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You can apply this online marketing strategy for any type of business to get results. Whether it be traditional, network marketing, direct sales, or just some type of affiliate product. Doesn’t matter, the formula is the same.

You want to market online because that’s where your target market exists. Once you learn how to tap into that market and get traffic, you can literally write your own paycheck. And this video should help people brand new to online marketing get started down the right path.

0:05 Online marketing and why you need to know this
1:00 Income producing activities
2:10 The 3 C’s of online marketing
2:15 Create traffic
2:50 Capture leads
3:52 Convert sales

If you want to master this, I can definitely help you. I’ll show you the same strategy that allowed my partner and I to build a business to K a month on autopilot.

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