SEO Basics for Bloggers – Learn to Use WordPress (Part 11 of 12)

In this WordPress Video Tutorial for beginners, learn step by step how to improve on page SEO for bloggers. We will be using the best web design software on the market, WordPress, to make and customize our beautiful website. No coding experience is required, and we’ll teach you how to design your WordPress website easily and quickly.

What will we be learning?

In this WordPress video, we will be learning how to improve on page SEO (search engine optimization) through the use of plugins, post titles, tags, and descriptions. By improving the SEO of our blog, we will be able to rank better on search engines like Google.

I will walk you through the importance of improving SEO, plugins that will improve SEO, and the essential tips for improving SEO on our WordPress blogs.

Why is SEO for our WordPress blogs important? How can I benefit from improving SEO?

Over 40% of a website’s traffic comes from search engines (on average). SEO will allow us to improve our odds of being on the first page of google and ultimately improving our search traffic. And who doesn’t want more traffic?

Tools Used in the Video + DISCOUNT CODES:


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WordPress SEO by Yoast:
The SEO plugin we use on our site and the one that we showcase on the video is the WordPress SEO plugin by The plugin is free and is available at:


The long tail keyword research tool that we briefly mentioned to find the best long tail keywords for our site. The tool is available at:


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Video Timestamps:

0:40 Lesson Overview – SEO for bloggers
1:07 What is SEO? Why do we need it?
2:42 Intro to long tail keywords
7:00 Improving on page SEO
7:39 SEO Best Practices – alt tags, header, description
9:49 Tools to help with SEO
10:37 WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast in action
11:34 Example On Page SEO analysis


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