SEO For Beginners – The Complete Guide To SEO and Ranking Your Website on Google

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Ever wondered how people rank their websites high in Google’s Search Engine results? In this course you will become an SEO expert. Using the knowledge in this course you can increase your organic search engine traffic and increase your overall exposure to your website.

In this SEO course you will learn how to do keyword research, link-building, on-page and off-site SEO as well as work in WordPress to create a fully optimized website that will stand the test of time.

If you ever wondered how SEO work is done then this course is perfect for you. SEO for beginners is a course that takes you from 0 knowledge of Search Engine Optimization and turns you into an expert.

Here are some review from students currently taking the course:

Irfan Setiawan – Uou taught me many things about SEO.

Noah Christian – English Accent – Check! Great After Effects – Check! Very well done, I’m sure you will enjoy the course!

Ethan Michael – This is the first course I bought on Udemy and I love it – worth every penny. The instructor is good at explaining things and I like that he uses humor so that his lectures are interesting and not boring.

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