SEO Keyword Research #1 | SEO Tutorials

SEO Keyword Research #1 | SEO Tutorials
SEO Tutorials: Keyword Research and Key Phrase Research
Learn keyword research techniques to help with your website Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This HD Video tutorial will help you compile your initial list of keywords and then tell you how you can extend and refine the list to really home in on the important keyword phrase that will actually get your website found by Google and the other search engine such as Bing and Yahoo.

SEO Tutorial Topics include:
– Make a list of the keyword phrases you think are important
– Use keyword phrases rather than a single word
– Use a localised phrase
– Ask employees and customers for key phrase ideas
– Use Google to search using your chose keywords and check out the competition
– Use Google auto-suggest to suggest more popular keywords
– Related searches in Google
– Turn the cache off when repeating local searches
– Listing the keywords that your competitors think are important
– Word stemming
– Use for related keyword ideas or the Microsoft Word thesaurus
– Using long tail search phrases
– Advanced Google search techniques
– Advanced Google search – find associated keywords in using the ~ character
– Advanced Google search techniques: ‘in title’ searches
– Advanced Google search techniques: ‘in url’ searches
– Advanced Google search techniques: ‘in anchor’ searches
– Advanced Google search techniques: ‘in text’ searches
– Advanced Google search by file types
– Search using different international versions of Google
– International spelling and meanings
– Video searches
– What Google has to say about building keyword lists
– Firefox SEO add-ons
– SEO Quake toolbar
– Use amazon to browse the index of related books for keywords
– Keyword tools – Spyfu
– Keyword tools – seed keywords
– Keyword tools — Keyword discovery
– Keyword tools – Wordtracker
– Keyword tools – Keyword spy
– Ordering and grouping your keywords and phrases in order of priority

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