SEO Keyword Research Tools Competitors – Keyword Research Tutorial 2015

SEO Keyword Research Tools Competitors - Keyword Research Tutorial 2015 What are the best SEO Keyword Research Tools and their competitors? Is there a good free keyword research tool? This keyword research tutorial for 2015 can be helpful for you to target the proper keywords for high traffic, and low competition.

Here are the keyword research tools I discuss in the video if you’d like to take the free trials for them.

Vidneos for Video SEO and Free Keyword Research for Life after a one time purchase of –

Jaaxy Free Keyword Research Tools Trial for beginning marketers, or experienced SEO experts to try out. Great SEO keyword research tools for .99 per month

Wealthy Affiliate has a free keyword research tool with their trial membership, along with free online marketing training for affiliate marketers, or new bloggers.

Bright Local SEO Research Tools are great for local marketers, or anyone that wants to learn advanced SEO techniques. I use this all the time to help my SEO clients rank in the top 3 consistently within 30-60 days depending on the niche. 7 tools and 30 day free trial which is great!

Google Keyword Planner isn’t my favorite keyword research tool at all. It’s a free keyword tool, sure, but not very helpful to get the critical data a person needs to rank as well as they can in the search engine imo. has some great tools, yet can be very expensive on a monthly basis unless you’re a full time SEO expert. SEMRush falls into a similar category for me. Noble Samarai is a great keyword and niche research tool as well, and not very expensive at all.

Lastly, Niche Genetics is another great tool that is very similar to SEMRush only it doesn’t have as high of price tag. It’s extremely nice software for a month or 7 annually I believe. Check it out here:

This SEO Keyword Research Tools Tutorial is geared towards small business owners, or local marketers wanting to take their online marketing skill set to the next level.

I’m not a fan of the free keyword research tools because they just don’t give you enough data if you’re serious about search engine optimization. Sadly, most smaller SEO firms use free tools or none at all and their clients suffer as a result.

Find out if your web developer users good tools, and even better, get an SEO audit to see where you stand in the search engines today.

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