SEO Link Building and Content Writing Explained – Social Media Optimization Guide 2016

SEO Link Building and Content Writing Explained – Social Media Optimization Guide 2016

Google has recently released their top two factors for their ranking algorithms and have stopped being so secretive about them. These important factors are inbound links and content. For any SEO expert or even enthusiast this is just conformation of already known things. You need to use links and content together to be able to successfully rank in Google.

An inbound link is when another site links to a page on your website. This is great for SEO and will help you rank in Google and other search engines. You need to be careful though – not all links are good. In Google’s perspective a link to your site is seen as a recommendation. If it comes from a reputable site it will be positive for your ranking, but if it comes from a shady site, your ranking will plummet. For Google, a reputable site will be a website with high domain authority and high Page Rank or PR.

It is also possible to get links or recommendations in a “black hat” way. You can make or post on blogs that act as link farms and will be seen as Google as shady and untrustworthy. If you post your links to these kinds of sites your ranking will actually drop significantly. Google know when you are trying to game the system and they will do everything in their power to stop you from cheating.

To check if a site is worth trying to get a link on, you need to firstly check out a few articles on it and check what type of links they are linking out to. If you see that they are linking to spammy or shady sites and salespages, you should probably look to avoid the site. These types of websites are usually easy to recognize as their sole purpose is to build links and the content on them is usually subpar.

Content is also extremely valuable and and most important for your business. You need to have content on your website that will show that you know a lot about your niche or topic and that you are not just writing it to fill up the page. Google needs to make a selection of the best sites and content is one of the two most important factors in deciding which ones are selected. People want valuable, quality content, and Google factors that in when deciding about their ranking algorithms.

SEO link building is by no means an easy task. Building links can be done with the help of link building services which will help you maintain your link building campaign. You should always use white hat link building as that is the only way to get quality backlinks.

There are many link building strategies which are this year mostly found under the phrase link building strategies 2016. They are also often called link building tactics or link building tips and tricks. Many people cannot grasp backlink building and how to get backlinks but you should not give up because it is actually not all that hard.

SEO Content Writing is another challenge of any website owner. SEO content is not simple to write and you need to do seo content optimisation to get your website content to a level where Google will recognize it. Website content optimisation is the process which is learned in seo content writing training. After watching this video you should know how to optimise a website page.

SEO in 2016 or search engine optimization relies on link building which is explained in this short tutorial. This is partly a link building tutorial and partly a seo content optimization tutorial. Your website will benefit greatly with seo content writing and your page rank in google search will become much better. If you master all the techniques you should be able to start marketing your content and advertising authority content. Content marketing and link marketing are the two most important factors of determining the PR of your website. You need to know how to build links or you can get a link building service. The other name for this process is backling building which will get you backlinks. It is crucial to start a quality link building campaign. Internet marketing depends greatly on search engine marketing and it should not be ignored.

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