SEO – The All Inclusive Guide For U.S. Hispanic Online Marketing

There is no doubt that organic traffic is one of the key component for a successful online marketing campaign. However, attracting quality traffic is not an easy task, and captivating the U.S. Hispanic market is even harder if you don’t know how to address them.

Our SEO expert Egon Maranhao will guide us through the best practices to achieve an SEO winning strategy.

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If you think translating your website into Spanish is the ticket to the Hispanic market, guess again. If you want to attract quality traffic from this demographic, keep watching this video to get some SEO tips for your website.

Section 1, are Hispanics using search engines to search for products and services?

According to a study by Google, 86% of Hispanics search for information before a purchase. Specifically, 79% search at least once a day and 68% of those are done on mobile devices.

Section 2, in what language do they search?

According to the same Google report, two-thirds of the hispanic market have used Spanish before, to look for information using search engines.

However, U.S. Hispanics have reported using English to conduct their searches as well. Given this audience’s bilingual nature, it is wrong to think that only one language can be used to reach this demographic.

This means, marketers looking to target online Hispanics, need to optimize for both, Spanish and English keywords and queries.

Section 3, what are some of the best practices?

Of course, having a Spanish-language version of your site is essential. It must be translated, localized and SEO optimized.

Conduct keywords research like you would in english, but focusing on longer phrases, as hispanic queries tend to be longer.

Don’t translate your content from english to Spanish, make sure it has consistency and makes sense. Ideally, use a native translator.

Keep an eye on local search. The majority of hispanics buy and consume locally. We recommend creating local pages for your products.

Finally, make sure the user experience of the pages make it easy to understand. Having an intuitive website is even more important when it comes to a Hispanic audience.

Keep in mind, US hispanic consumers are more accessible than ever before. But as technology advances, consumers become more educated and demanding. Latinos are no exception to this rule!

That’s all for today. Hope you guys have learned a lot. On the next and final video we will go over all the tips we have given you and teach you how to implement them in your marketing strategy, bye!
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