SEO Video Marketing Tips [For Marketing On YouTube] SEO video marketing takes a bit of time but can definitely be well worth it in the long run. Here you will find a few SEO video marketing tips with marketing on YouTube.

SEO Video Marketing Tips [For Marketing On YouTube]

0:50. Why SEO video marketing? With video, you’re going to get much higher conversions than other content out there. 32% of all internet traffic is on YouTube and 54% of internet traffic is video.

1:17. For every 1 keyword you’re trying to rank for, you will be competing against 4.6 million other articles. But, for every 1 keyword you’re only competing against 16,000 videos. So your chances with video are far greater than articles. Also, it’s easier to rank your content on YouTube because it’s an authority site. Furthermore, it’s much easier to churn out 2-3 minute videos than it is to write out a few articles.

2:18. SEO video marketing tip #1: Keyword research. Make sure you’re performing your keyword research before shooting your video. You don’t just want to shoot a video and then post it up on YouTube. You want to have a plan of action to follow in order for your content to be found. Choose your topic, then pick out a keyword using the Google Planner, and then shoot the video, making sure you speak the keyword inside the video.

3:03. SEO video marketing tip #2: Create video around your keyword. So you’ve picked out the keyword, and now you need to record the video based around the keyword’s topic. Again, make sure you’re speaking the keyword in the beginning and throughout your video. The reason for this is that YouTube will transcribe your video automatically and you can use this for more ammo as a piece of content to post on the web.

3:58. SEO video marketing tip #3: Save Raw File. Once the video is done shooting, you need to save your raw file naming it the specific keyword. This is so when you upload it to YouTube, the raw file name will have your keyword in it and when YouTube crawls the web, your content can easily be found, ultimately helping you get it ranked.

5:45. SEO video marketing tip #4: Description. The next thing you need to do is write out your description placing your keyword naturally throughout it. What you do NOT want to do is stuff keywords and do NOT stuff tags inside. This is against YouTube’s policies and will ultimately get your video either taken off the front page, or even worse taken off YouTube completely.

SEO Video Marketing Tips [For Marketing On YouTube]

7:10. SEO video marketing tip #5: Tags. What you want to do next is grab your tags from a Google related search in the search bar. This will help you get your content found when people are searching for similar keywords in the Google search bar. A good number to shoot for is around 12-15 total tags.

8:26. Bonus SEO video marketing tip: Grab all 3 video URL’s from YouTube and place them throughout the description. You have the site URL, share URL, and video URL (right click on actual video). What this does is gives users another means of clicking directly back to your video, ultimately creating a Backlink. And, if you follow all the above steps, but do not generate any backlinks, you will never rank on the front page of Google.

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SEO Video Marketing Tips [For Marketing On YouTube]

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