The Advanced Guide to Youtube Video SEO Tips and Techniques Part 1-2

Keywords in Description: The description is under the video and the second most important piece of content (besides the title of the video) and thus tells Google what this piece of content is about and it matters big time. Youtube allows your description to be 1500 words (approx) and leveraging as much of this critical area we’ve found to really pay off.
{On a sidenote: Do Not just Stuff your description with keywords, this used to work well in the olden golden days though does not work good at all anymore. Doing your keyword research and writing tons of great content will allow you to wrap important keywords into stimulating content for your end user.}

If you do not have the time to write a compelling description than we’ve found it best to simply transcribe your video and insert that into your description. Another Note: Put your URL in your description and start it with http:// www. your site

Doing this 1. Gives you an important backlink and 2. Let’s the viewer go to the destination site to learn more on the subject matter that your video promotes.

Video Title Starts with Your Keyword: Make your video title start with your keyword for example let’s say you wanted to rank for the keyword “Youtube SEO Tips” then start your title this way. Here are two examples below.

What to do: Youtube SEO Tips – Techniques to Rank Videos on Youtube and Google
What not to do: Video Optimization and Video SEO How to Rank Videos

Although both of the above titles speak to the related subject matter; Video A. starts with your Keyword and immediately lets the viewer or end user know what the subject matter is about. Whereas in video B. maybe I want to know how to rank videos and about video optimization though it is a broader subject matter and can be used for other sites whereas the first specifically is identifying Youtube. However it would be strong to use B. in somewhere in the description.

Keyword loaded links (URL’s) in Description: Another relevancy signal. This still makes a difference and it makes an even bigger difference when the destination page is supporting content, that is when it really creates results.

Keyword Appears in supporting tags: Adding your keywords to your tags helps in ranking your keywords in the search results. As a rule of thumb don’t add more than 10 keywords that is plenty to let Youtube and Google know what your content is about. This is not an area that Google displays to the community so it really is just for ranking and sorting content. I highly recommend when optimizing for local search results to put in your city that the video is relevant for. For example let’s say I was optimizing for “Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon” then in the tags I would make one of my tags “Beverly Hills”

Keyword Density: Having a keyword appear more than any other likely acts as a relevancy signal as to what the content is about though be careful not to over optimize a keyword (keyword stuffing) as this can cause a penalty. A good general rule of thumb is not more than once for 150 words of content in your description.

Youtube Description Length: A longer description with more words will give you more content to play with are favoured over shorter descriptions. This is also true with traditional SEO (search engine optimization).

Duplicate Content: Identical video content on the same channel can negatively influence a channels search engine visibility. That being said if the video is altered and relevant to an end user with similar information than you can rank for more keywords and this is a plus. It’s important to have a different length of video and to have it targeted toward the right audience though.

Recency of Video: Google Caffeine updates favors newer updated content, especially for video searches from our findings. Highlighting this factor’s importance, Google shows the date of each video right in the search results.

Placement of Keyword in Description: Having a keyword appear in the first 150 words of a video description sends a significant signal and is a plus.

In case you missed the first video on youtube video seo tips and technqiues the advanced guide check it out here
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