The Secret to How To Do Keyword Research For SEO – A Beginner's Guide

The Secret to How To Do Keyword Research For SEO - A Beginner's Guide

This is what we’re going to discuss today. We’re going to discuss Google’s mission, because you have to understand that in order to understand how this works. We’re going to talk about researching your competition and we’re going to also talk about associate keywords and how to write your content. So, its not just content stuff and putting the same keyword over and over and over and over and over and over. You have to support your content. All right? And then we’re going to go to questions and answers so you guys can ask anything you guys would like.

The first thing is Google’s mission. Google’s mission is to organize all the information online. Have you guys noticed how they’re doing a great job of doing that? They do a very great job and they make a lot of money because they do such a good job. And there’s been a lot of different search engines way back in the day, Lycos, I don’t remember all of them right now… Excite, but these guys went out of business. Why? Because Google does such a great job and they’re the top player in the game. They get 70% of all search engine traffic online. You want to focus on Google only. Why? Because its 70% of where people are looking at.

Here are some stats. 54% of all search queries are four or more words. Long tail. When you picture your website, don’t just try to have it ranked for health. Health recipes and fitness blog, health recipes and fitness guide…longer tail phrases because the way we search now when we go onto our phones, which is how people are doing it now. We’re going like this… at least most people are doing this now, because it’s easier. We’re always on the move. We’re going on to Google…find the nearest restaurant near me. That’s what we’re doing because its easier. We want things very easily handed to us.

87% of all clicks are organic. Organic and paid. Organic is the free, you don’t have to pay. It’s free. But, once you rank for organic, you’re going to get a lot of traffic. And it actually gets more clicks than paid because when you see paid, paid is like turning on a light switch. You turn it on and people start coming to you, you could be ranked number one. But with organic, it takes time, it takes keyword research, it takes SEO optimizing your site, optimizing each page, links and all that that’s involved. So, organic is very very important because you get more clicks. And that’s what you need – clicks.

20% of search queries are new. Everyday all the people are searching are new. So that means that people are making up more and more phrases online. We’re searching in different ways so that’s why we have to constantly keep having to organize our website and our content and seeing how people are interacting with what we’re doing, our content. How long are people coming on to my page? Are they going to any other pages after that? And so forth.

I cut this off on purpose just so you know. On this side it said you, and on this side it said your competitor. I only want you to focus on your competitors first. Because this is what’s happening, right? A lot of people have this understanding of, I’m going to build a website and people are just going to come to my website. No, they’re not. In fact, you might get very little traffic. And that’s probably the reason why you guys are here today, because you feel that it’s not working. That’s because you haven’t figured out how to work it yet, but I’m going to teach you guys that, okay?

I want you to focus on finding and figuring out what your competitors are doing. Let’s go ahead and look at the tools we’re going to use today. We’re going to search on Google. We’re going to use a tool that Michael and I love now. It’s called [inaudible] That’s my favorite, his favorite. We’re going to use SEM Rush. And we’re going to Each one of these tools has specific features that we need to use in order to understand what our competitors are doing and what we need to be doing on our website.

Let’s go ahead and demo. Watch this screen over here, please. We’re going to first figure out who our competition is and what they’re doing. So, anyone please give me a keyword phrase.
Yoga mat.

Yoga mat. All right, so let’s go on to Google. Keep in mind that my search results may vary from your search results and your search results and your search results depending on our search history and where we’re located. Even if we all search the same keyword in the same exact place, we’re going to get different search results. Why? Because we’ve search different things. You guys understand that? Okay, so always keep that in mind because usually people will say “Go look up this keyword and you’ll see I’m number 1” and they’re like “No you’re not.” You are – why? Because you go online, search yourself, click your website all the time and Google knows you’re trying to look for that. All right? So keep that in mind. You got to use tools to tell you where you’re ranking. Okay, tools.

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