Twitter marketing Tips – Promoted Tweets or @Replies by @MacyEnglish

Twitter marketing Tips - Promoted Tweets or @Replies by @MacyEnglish

Twitter marketing Tips – Promoted Tweets or @Replies by @MacyEnglish
Dallas twitter marketing and social media expert +Macy English  +SocialCentiv goes over promoted tweets and @replies. 
Hosted by +Qamar Zaman of #SubmitPress Release123 a Dallas based SEO Expert.
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Promoted Tweets vs. @Replies


When thinking about marketing on Twitter, many people’s minds immediately jump to Promoted Tweets. Now, we don’t want to rule that out entirely as Promoted Tweets serve a very important purpose when it comes to getting the word out about your business. However, there are more options out there that can make your Twitter marketing strategy more complete.

For instance, the @reply, a simple Twitter staple, is an amazing way to market on Twitter as well. Not convinced? We will break down both the Promoted Tweet as well as the @reply in terms of Twitter marketing and when to employ each strategy for optimal results..

The Promoted Tweet

Businesses look to the Promoted Tweet to reach a large amount of people who do not already follow them on Twitter. Business pay for promoted Tweets on a Cost-Per-Engagement basis, meaning that they pay for the amount of Twitter users that click on, retweet, reply to, or favorite the particular Tweet that you are promoting. There are currently 3 types of Promoted Tweets:

Promoted Tweets in search: In this scenario, the Tweet that you are promoting will reach users who are searching for your business and/or related topics to your business. It will show up in the top of their Twitter results in a fixed position.
Promoted Tweets in timelines: With this type of promoted Tweet, your Tweet will reach a large amount of users based on their likelihood to be interested in your Tweet and/or business. The Promoted Tweet will show up in their timeline near the top of their stream along with all of the Tweets from other users that they follow.
Geo-targeting: This type of Promoted Tweet will appear in the user’s timeline like we previously described, but instead of being shown to users based on their likelihood of interest, your Tweet will reach those in locations that are relevant to your Tweet or business.
What is it good for? As we have spoken of, the Promoted Tweet can reach a mass amount of users, relevant by interest or location, which you would not have otherwise been able to reach. This drives awareness for your business and can potentially bring in new customers.

The @reply

On Twitter, an @reply is any Tweet that is in response to another Twitter user’s Tweet that begins with an @ followed by their Twitter handle (username). The beauty of the @reply when it comes to Twitter marketing is that it allows you to engage with users in a one-on-one fashion, allowing you to tailor your message to them and creating better grounds for establishing relationships with current and potential customers.

We know what you’re thinking- what good is it doing if I’m replying to the same people that I follow/ that follow me all the time? The answer is probably not much. Luckily, you don’t have to limit @replies to the people you follow/that follow you. With tools like SocialCentiv, you can actually find Tweets that are relevant to respond to by choosing keywords and locations that are relevant to your business. For instance, a local pizza shop in Dallas might search for people who “want pizza” or “are hungry” within a 50 mile radius. At that point, they would be able to reply to them with a solution.

What is it good for? The @reply, when used properly , is good for finding extremely relevant and quality potential customers, raising awareness one person at a time. Additionally, it allows you to engage with potential customers and address their wants and needs in a personal manner that no other method provides.

So, there you have it, folks. Both the Promoted Tweet and the @reply have the potential to be extremely powerful marketing tools. But, does one win over the other? We would say that’s probably dependent upon your business and its goals, but as far as pricing, @replies win in cost efficiency.

Want to learn more about how we can help you find new customers on Twitter? We’d love to give you more information! Just give us a visit at and Tweet us at @SocialCentiv.
Qamar Zaman @Submit123PR
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