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Day 20 of 30 Days of Social Media Tips and Tricks
The benefits of using video content in your Social Media plus a free giveaway to our new Studio Space in Downtown Wilkes-Barre!

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Why are you watching this video right now? Did it show up in your Newsfeed? It’s really no secret that video has become the most powerful digital marketing tool available today. It’s the reason I’m standing here right now talking to you and you’re watching it. So why is your business not using it? Do you think its too hard? Don’t have the time? Today, we’re going to make your business an offer to throw away these excuses and work with us on creating your own Social Media videos.

Today I want to talk to you about the advantages of using video in your social media efforts. If you’re still watching this video right now, there’s a reason for that. As humans, we require emotional input to make decisions and there’s no technology better at conveying that than video. Plus, it really does stand out from the competition when you’re scrolling through your news feed. And if you didn’t know, search engines love video content!

So what’s holding your business back from using it? We’ve come to realize that not every business can get away with just picking up a cell phone and hitting record. You certainly can do that but sometimes you need something a little bit more professional. That’s why we’ve created our own green screen studio here in Downtown Wilkes-Barre and if you mention this blog, we’ll give you 1-free hour of studio recording time which includes our green screen setup, a teleprompter as well as an operator who will help record and send you your video content.

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