Video Marketing Strategies | 5 Video SEO Tips to Help You Get Better Rankings

5 Video SEO Tips to Help You Get Better Video Rankings

Video marketing strategies like using SEO to get your videos
ranked higher in Google and Youtube can help you grow your
business faster than ever. But … There are some important
things you must have in place before your video has a chance
at obtaining a high ranking.

They include:

1. Doing your keyword research well in advance of shooting
your video.

Yes, you’re fired up. You want to get your video out to the world.
Wait, take some time to do some keyword research so you can
create videos people are actually looking for.

2. Naming your video file with the keyword phrase. For example
I named the file I uploaded, “videoseostrategies.mp4” this has
been shown to help your rankings.

3. Descriptive headline that’s not too “salesy.” You want to
tell searchers exactly what your video is about in the headline.
Vague or flat out misleading headlines will cause potential viewers
to not want to see your videos. Some people may even flag them
as misleading. Your video SEO should include good solid headlines.

4. Your description. You are giving quite a bit of space down
here in the description area. Use it to your advantage. Create
a quality description that includes links and information
that you spoke about in the video.

This is a great time to include links to your site, your newsletter,
or your blog.

5. Take the time to write your video transcript. Again, video SEO
experts have shown that having a proper transcript for your video
will help it rank. You can use the super ninja tactic I use by
employing Dragon Naturally Speaking software to help you here.

Remember it’s not perfect so before you buy it make sure you’re
ready to do some light work editing your transcript before
upload. It is a far sight better than doing it manually and
it will save you from having to hire a transcriptionist. Unless
you want to go that route of course.

Here are the links the software for you to check out:

Dragon Naturally Speaking for PC

Dragon Naturally Speaking for Mac

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