Video Marketing Tips- How to Rank on YouTube with Keywords, & Thumbnail Image Templates

YouTube Thumbnails are a huge part of video marketing. Thumbnail images play the biggest role in driving traffic to your videos. Today my guest Brian G Johnson will go through his top tactics for better thumbnails.

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In this video you learn how to rank on YouTube using a keyword research strategy. You’ll also learn how to create an effective thumbnail image template strategy for getting more clicks and growing your channel on YouTube period

In 2 days video I am joined by Brian G Johnson – and internet marketing expert and poodle Whisperer. Brian is new to the YouTube marketing team but his channel Authority is blowing up. Brian will share his tips for how to rank on YouTube using a few key strategies period

Keyword research – keyword research on YouTube is also called tag research. The key words that you use for your marketing on YouTube should be used in your title your description and your tags. Watch this section on keyword research to get a good understanding of how to rank on YouTube.

Channel Authority – grow your subscribers and get more views on YouTube by building your channel Authority. Channel Authority is where YouTube recognizes thematic content on your Channel. You can accomplish this with playlists that match your keyword research. Be sure to watch this section.

Thumbnail image template – create a thumbnail image template that brand your Channel. visually your YouTube videos should stand out. When you rank on YouTube search it’s best to have a thumbnail Image theme that matches your channel Authority


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