What Is Internet Marketing – Internet Marketing Basics

What Is Internet Marketing - Internet Marketing Basics

What Is Internet Marketing – Internet Marketing Basics

Internet marketing is really much less complicated than most people make want to make it. For somebody new to the industry it can be very intimidating until it is broken down into it’s most basic elements.

00:43 – Define what internet marketing is in very simple terms
01:29 – Explain that three things required to be successful
01:39 – Job 1 is to have a value based product or service
01:57 – Need place from which to do business…website
02:17 – Need Enough targeted traffic to visit website
02:41 – targeted traffic to website to see compelling offer = sales

This video breaks it down to those very basic elements and takes on the question ‘what is internet marketing’ head on.
The online world seems to have a language all it’s own, however the same can be said of any business endevour, online or offline. Learning the lingo is just part of the process, and should not be allowed to deter you from your goal of having a successful internet business.
In it’s most basic form internet marketing involves exactly the same principles of offline marketing. In other words…marketing is marketing.

So exactly what is internet marketing?

It is the art and science of learning how to create a positive interface between a product or service and potential buyers that produces a financial transaction known as a sale. And that interface and sale occur online.

This process requires only three things.

1. A value based product or service to offer
2. A place from which to create the interface…website
3. Traffic…targeted traffic

The skill is learning how to put the right products/services together with the right potential buyers in such a way that the sale occurs WITHOUT your presence. Because if you presence is required to consummate the sale you have lost much of the leverage that the internet has provided you.

Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1OWX4zSWFA

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